Sand Ceremony Songs

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Sand ceremonies are a growing trend in the wedding industry.

These ceremonies are actually a twist on the unity candle ceremony, which involves using two candles to light another candle to symbolize the couple’s new union.

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Instead of candles, sand ceremonies involves mixing two different colors of sand into a single glass container to symbolize how the couple have now intertwined to become one.

Sand ceremonies have surged in popularity recently because they are a simple, visual-appealing ritual that leaves the couple with a beautiful memento of their special day. The colors of the sand can even be coordinated with the wedding colors.

The ceremony requires three glass containers, one containing the groom’s sand, one with the bride’s sand and an empty container to mix them in.

sand ceremony songsTypically, the officiant explains the meaning of the ceremony to the wedding guests, then the groom pours some of his sand into the empty container, then the bride pours some of hers and then they pour both of theirs together, creating beautiful layers of colored sand. The officiant then closes the ceremony with some words on the couple’s new union.

Fortunately, songs for sand ceremonies are similar to songs for unity candle ceremonies. The music for both tend to be serene, soft, romantic songs that reflect the mood of the moment.

Since the sand ceremony is a relatively new trend, there aren’t any traditions or songs associated with it yet.

The only requirement for a sand ceremony song is that it must be serene and romantic. As long as a song fits that description, it can be used in the ceremony.Top 10 Sand Ceremony Songs

To help you brainstorm and find some ideas for your own wedding, here is our list of 10 songs to play during a sand ceremony:

Sheep May Safely Graze – Johann Sebastian Bach

Into the Mystic – Van Morrison

Fields of Gold – Sting

Time In A Bottle – Jim Croce

Your Song – Elton John

Across the Universe – The Beatles

All I Want Is You – U2

You Are So Beautiful – Bill Preston and Bruce Fisher

Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers

Unforgettable – Nat King Cole

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